Have you ever wondered exactly what it is that makes us human? Well, it turns out, asking “what makes us human?” only leads to more questions. Humans are boundless creatures with incredible diversity.


It leaves me with no choice but to accept there will never be one defining answer to “what makes us human?” 

But I guess that’s what makes it fun. Our understanding of human psychology is forever changing and we’re learning new things all the time. Learning about human behaviours and where they come from is exciting, but it can also be quite depressing or just downright disgusting. I feel I need to be open and honest about the negative impact some of it has had on my mental health and view of the world, but overall, I feel like it improved my understanding of those around me and I became more open-minded (for the most part). 

Of course, not all of the work here is based upon research and I often switch between philosophy, science and pure speculation, observation and opinion – which is why they’re called “perspective articles”. I would encourage you to not take these works as straight fact and embark on your own research journey into what makes us human.