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The Puzzles of Parenthood

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Disclaimer: The information and opinions expressed on this website are for educational, thought-provoking and informational purposes only. I am not a professional or academically trained in any of these areas. I am simply exploring through books, research and life experience. The works here are not intended to be taken as medical, psychiatric or psychological advice, treatment or diagnosis. Do not avoid or delay seeking treatment or medical advice or attention from your healthcare provider.

Work Books

Below are some workbooks I have developed with techniques I have used with my own child. Before introducing them to your child, take a look and have a thorough read. Are the questions age-appropriate? Will your child understand what is being asked of them? Adjust questions and the frequency of workbook usage depending on the age, understanding and overall needs of your child. Use the workbooks to open up conversations with your child(ren) and to explore their thoughts and feelings without judgement. Click the images to download the free PDFs and print them off. 


3 questions every day for a week. Doing this frequently will encourage your child(ren) to take notice of their thoughts and feelings. 

POP SC.png


12 pages about self-care. Adjust depending on the age, understanding and needs of your child. 

POP SC.png


3 page workbook that explores common thinking errors. Use this to open up a conversation with your child(ren) and to find ways to correct those errors. 

Printable Sheets 

Use these worksheets to help your child through their thoughts and feelings.

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