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Welcome to The Mind Trap

To get out of your head, you must first get into it.

Welcome to The Mind Trap! I created The Mind Trap because while singing has always been my number one passion, I am almost equally as passionate about mental health, human behaviour and psychology and wanted to share my personal studies in psychology and anthropology to explore improving mental health, borderline personality disorder, personal development, understanding what makes us human, parenting and much more.  

I decided to create The Mind Trap because I know many people in this world feel the way I do. Confused, overwhelmed and trapped by their mind. My goal here is to provide coping mechanisms and ideas to help soothe any overwhelming emotions and thought processes. The idea of The Mind Trap is to first understand and get into your own mind so that you can begin to break free of its confinements.


The information and opinions expressed on this website are for educational, thought-provoking and informational purposes only. I am not a professional or academically trained in any of these areas. I am simply exploring through books, research and life experience. The works here are not intended to be taken as medical, psychiatric or psychological advice, treatment or diagnosis. Do not avoid or delay seeking treatment or medical advice or attention from your healthcare provider.


Living Borderline is a subsection of The Mind Trap that focuses entirely on Borderline Personality Disorder.
Here, you can learn about BPD without judgement and obtain free, downloadable and printable resources to aid your recovery.
Click the Living Borderline logo to gain access to completely free tools, resources and programmes. 


Click the image above to gain access to completely free resources for mental health and personal development.


The Puzzles of Parenthood was created with the sole intention of providing factual, informational, thought-provoking material for parents, caregivers and their children, primarily focusing on children’s mental health and well-being. Click the image above to gain access to free resources and tools.


Have you ever wondered exactly what makes us human? Well, it turns out, asking that question only leads to more questions. Humans are boundless creatures with incredible diversity. Join me on the journey to understanding all the things that make us human by clicking the image above.

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